A nine-year-old boy Joe Allison, from Totnes, Devon, broke a world record by hanging 16 pieces of spoons on his face. Joe Allison’s face just like a magnet, he can hang five spoons on his forehead, one on nose, two on chin, three on each cheek and one on each ear, total 16 spoons. But he didn’t know how it works, he said “they just stick on.”

“It’s something I can do easily and I know I’ll make 17 one day, but I’ll probably have to wait until I grow a bit so there’s some more space on my forehead,” he added.

Joe discovered his talent when his cousin challenged him to balance a spoon on his nose two years ago.

His mother Fenella feels pround of Joe because he has the talent that nobody in the world can do.

Joe will appear on TV show Britain’s Got Talent to perform his talent by hanging the spoons on his face.

Guinness Book of World Records’ Officials are now reconfirming footage of Joe’s record attempt before they recognize his record officially. The previous record was set in May 2004 by a 16-year-old American, who hang 15 spoons on his face.

Photo: nddaily.com