Eleven world swimming records have been set by swimmers who wore new Speedo LZR racer bodysuits since February 16, 2008.

The new Speedo LZR Racer bodysuit is so tight, it sucks all the flab and wobbly bits in, making the body much more streamlined. It was tested by its manufacturers and proved that it reduces drag in the water by 5%, and more controversially, assists oxygen uptake by 5%.

However, due to the bodysuit is so tight, it looks like transparent when the swimmer put it on. It is more obvious if it is wear by a male swimmer.


The new Speedo LZR Racer bodysuit is selling at $US550, quite expensive but it is worth for swimmers to have the easiest way to set new personal best.

After a cascade of world records have been set using new Speedo LZR Racer bodysuits, Swimming’s world governing body FINA who approved the suit last year, has called for a meeting to discuss on their concerns with manufacturers during next month’s world short-course championships in Manchester.

With the new Speedo LZR racer bodysuits, it was believed that more world swimming records will be set in 2008 Beijing Olympics in August.