Miss Surrey 2008, Chloe Marshall is a fat girl, who weighs 80-kg and still crowned the title in the beauty pageant.

She definitely boosts up the spirit of all heavy weight women by telling the truth that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

17-year-old teen Miss Surrey is 1.78-meter-height (5′ 10″) and 80-kg-weigh (176 lbs). She won the title of Miss Surrey 2008 during Miss England 2008 Regional Competitions.


Chloe Marshall says: “It’s what I was born to do – posing for the camera. And as I keep saying, I love my body.

“People seem desperate to get me to say that I don’t, that deep down I’m not happy and would rather be thin, but the fact is I wouldn’t change myself at all.”


She will be the heaviest Miss England if she win the title in The Miss England GRAND FINAL which will be held in London on July 18, 2008.