Vivian Chow Hui Min(周慧敏) appeared and photographed in the diet products commercial ads, wearing the vivid pink dress that showed her beautiful slender legs.

Presently she is in her 40 years old and once was the top 1990s idol in Hong Kong. She never feels the age however and her distinguished style, lady like image enraptured the working crew. She is also a perfectionist who brought more than 20 pairs of her own shoes and chose the exact high heeled shoes to fit her dress.

Vivian pays particular attention to her eating and drinking during her PR diet products shooting commercial. She usually takes less salt, sugar etc to reduce body fat and only takes a mouthful of black chocolate for her 10 hours long shooting. “Chocolate is not only good for her beauty and also as own reward.” said Vivian talks with a smiling face and in a determined diet conscious tone.