Sharp has realized the industry best 3200 mV sensitivity surveillance for 1/3 type CCD(Charged Coupled Device).

Sharp announced two models CCD camera of 270,000 pixels for NTSC RJ2311CAOPB and 320,000 pixels for PAL RJ2321CAOPB. Both sample prices is around 20 USD and mass production shipment by end of May.

Main features are:

1. Highest sensitivity of 3200 mV (1.6 times higher than market model of 2000 mV)

2. Lowest smear of -130 dB and a high saturation output 1200 mV of high quality imaging

3. Expandable Camera Surveillance System Solution

The breakthrough of CCD has gained high pixel and compact micro fabrication technology. The successful use of optical scan rate and the collection of light to electricity have substantially achieved about the ratio of 1.6 times over the conventional. The smear factor is further reduced when there is the shot of strong light source in the light dark contrast to possible increase high quality imaging.

Before – Traditional 2000 mV sensitivity
After – New 3200 mV sensitivity