This is a fun prototype from Maarteen Baas. No doubt, this is a knife-block, but the beauty of the knife-block is its hand-carved shaped like a man’s head, it looks weird. The fives holes on the block allow you to keep your knives neat when not in use.

I like it very much not because it is fun or humor; simply because its concept to have damn knives sticking out of the man’s head.

I am thinking to get one of this wooden head knife-block; other than using it to decorate my kitchen, I want to paint it to look like my boss; it must be fun whenever I slot the knife in the block.

Maybe because I have not gut to do so to my boss in real life but it is sure a good product to release my stress on work. You should get one also if you hate your boss, just like me…!!!#$%^&*