Leon Lai and Gaile Lok
ll1aFormer lover of Leon Lai(黎明), Shu Qi(舒淇)emerged as new female celebrity in Edison sex photos scandal. However, Leon Lai viewed this as personal own agenda. This was discovered in the newly private shots found in Edison computers amongst tons of others photos, reported by Hong Kong media.

Recently, Leon Lai attended the PR event to which he starred in the An Empress and the Warriors「江山美人」film. He refused to make any comment and did not want to be intertwined into the much sought after current speculated female celebrities in Edison lewd sexual act photos scandal publicity.

Leon Lai current girlfriend is a popular fashion show model, Gaile Lok(楽基兒). She adheres to one’s principle of not to relate work with her personal private life and family matter. “So I think the same, I will not probe into her personal life style and respect her work.” said Leon Lai.

Shu Qi(舒淇)sq1a

An Empress and the Warriors(江山美人) Movie Clips