Popular idol, Stephy Tang (登麗欣) completely denying in a statement that she was one of the victims related to Edison Chen obscene sexual photos leaked scandal.

First was Edison Chen(陳冠希)’s female celebrities’ private photo and next appeared on the internet. She was then reported in the one of his ex-female entertainers rumour when police seized the computer from the newly discovered photographs included five female entertainers.

In addition, the lawyer accompanied by the police submitted a report for witness to come forward to substantiate the fact of sexual victims. Stephy emphasized her stance by saying in a statement that the series of media reports were all groundless and would consider taking legal actions against the media.

Particularly about sexual acts scandal, sources pointed to actors who help to commit the scandal are Timmy Hung Tin Ming(洪天明), Carl Ng Ka-Lung(呉嘉龍)and Jaycee Chan Jo-Ming (房祖明), each of them are the second generation of Hong Kong mega star in 1980s whose father are Sammo Hung Kam Bo( 洪金寶), Richard Ng Yiu Hon (呉耀漢) and Jackie Chan(成龍) . The current looming situation is having their father attention.