On February 27, 2008, two former top female entertainers, Bobo Chan (陳文媛) and Candice Chan (陳思慧)who was retired from the entertainment industry in Hong Kong had their scheduled wedding cancelled. They are both the victims of Edison Chen sex scandal.

It was supposed to be full of happiness for them, but Edison Chen’s private sex scandal photos ruined their wedding when both of theirs photos surfaced. However, the architect’s fiancé of Candice Chen may look for new place outside of Hong Kong as well as entertainment circle to their original scheduled marriage dated on April, 2nd.

While Bobo‘s fiancé, a young businessman, Philip Kam (金紫耀) who was the most supportive beside her and said the August wedding will not be cancelled. Mr. Philip’s father respected her son decision but his mother will not change her decision to oppose her son’s wedding due to her future daughter-in-law inappropriate conducts.