Jackie and His Father’ s Memorable Momentjf1a
On February 26, 2008, Jackie Chan’s father, Fong Dao Lung(房道龍)died of prostrate cancer at 93 years old while Jackie was filming Shinjuku series 「新宿事件」.

Jackie was in Jilin province(吉林省), China for shooting a movie titled Shinjuku series 「新宿事件」. The last persons at Jackie’s father side in the hospital room were Jackie’s son actor Fang Zu Ming(房祖明) and Jackie’s wife Joan Lin Feng Jiao(林鳳嬌) who was always attended to him. It was a big shock and much to his regret, Jackie’s mother passed away while he was also filming overseas six years ago. He had since stopped shooting and return back to Beijing via Hong Kong.

Mr.Fong Dao Lung(房道龍)was born in China’s Shandong in the year of 1915. During World War II, he worked as a spy for Kuomintang, the Nationalist and Communist Party in Taiwan. After the war, he emigrated to Hong Kong. He then worked as a cook for American Consulate in Shanghai, met his wife and gave birth to Jackie Chan. Jackie’s autobiographical appeared in the documentary firm ‘Lost in Dragon Linkage”.