Edison Chen who has decided to quit Hong Kong entertainment industry, had been staying in Four Seasons Hotel since he returned to Hong Kong. But he met Cecilia Cheung and her husband Nicholas Tse, who were staying in the same hotel temporarily to avoid the harassment of paparazzi after the breakout of Edison’s sex photos scandal.

When Nicholas saw Edison, he runs into Edison and wanna beat up him, but Cecilia crying and holding her husband’s waist to separate them. Soon after, she seemed to lose control of her emotions and dropped to the floor while bursting into uncontrollable tears. Nicholas was softened by her tears but still faced off against Edison for about 3 minutes.

If Cecilia did not stop Nicholas, he is difficult to throw his anger on Edison also because six bodyguards that Edison had hired were surrounding him.

Immediate after the incident, Nicholas and Cecilia checked out of the hotel and backed to their own home.

The conclusion of this incident is, Hong Kong is a small island….