Jolin Tsai
jt1aOn February 25, 2008, criminal investigation continued into Edisson Chen (陳冠希)sex scandal photos from his personal computer and discovered three new women celebrities, one of them believe to be from Taiwan popular idol.

Edisson Chen is cooperating with the police investigation and has identified about 1,000 new images. The newly images emerged are three women, one model and two are popular entertainers from Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively. Taiwan’s entertainer was found to have as much as 80 photos and 30 minutes of video.

Edisson was rumored dating a matching G cup idol named Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) as well as Elva Xiao (蕭亞軒). However, these three women names have not been made public for a variety of speculation.

Meanwhile, the office spokesman of Jolin Tsai said, “police should disclose the names to prove Jolin Tsai’s innocence.”