When there is market and demand, competitors will come in, now apple iPhone also has to fight with their competition, the clone iPhone that created by Chinese. Not only its design looks like a real iPhone, but it has the similar features that iPhone has.

It is not available in the market at the moment but you can get it very soon. It is selling at $239 only, far below the price of apple iPhone.

The main features of the clone iPhone including:

1. 3.5″ big screen that supports finger touch and no keypad, touch pen needed.
2. Dual SIM slots that holds two SIM chips and supports SIM card switching.
3. Triband GSM 900/1800/1900MHz that supports USA GSM standard.
4. Web addresses entering; web browsing, WAP setting, web address management.
5. Unlocked to any major network carrier.
6. SMS, MMS, voicemail and cell broadcast
7. MP3, MP4, file playing, recording, phone call recording.
8. Capturing, video capturing, photo viewing, playing

See the video below for the demonstration of clone iPhone.