fh1aOn February 23, 2008, pop idol actress Fiona Sit Hoi Kei (薛凱[王其]) attended a charity event sponsored by McDonald’s in Hong Kong.

The incident happened late into the event when selling origami for charity, the man approached the counter and suddenly hit her head with a plastic bottle. The man was quickly overpowered by security guards and he was now under custody at the police station but motive was unclear.

Fiona, shocked and crouched to the ground in pain but the wound was swollen on her forehead. She was hastily brought to hospital. Her spokesman said, “the degree of injury was not serious, just hurts and she was blanked.”

‘Fiona did not offend anyone and hope it was just incident,” he added. ‘How’s about other celebrity fans?” when asked. “I do not know, “ he replied repeatedly. Meanwhile, police is in progress to submit a report to Fiona’s office for further investigation details.