pig.jpgPig farmers in London request the public to listen to their new song, Stand by your ham, as a show of support for the pork industry. This group of pig farmers gathered in London and alerted the public on their worry and dissatisfaction over the greedy supermarket chains and rising feed prices which might push the industry to extinction.

Lyrics, ‘Stand by Your Ham’
The interesting song, “Stand by Your Ham” was reworked from Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man”. The lyric is funny but meaningful and reflected the dilemma of these pig farmers.

Right now it’s hard to make a living
Rearing all your pigs for pork and ham.
The supermarkets make money
But we don’t make any money
And that’s quite hard to understand
But if they gave us a little more money
Gave us farmers a fairer share.
Coz we take good care of our pigs
We’re so proud of them
To us they’re more than pork and ham.

Stand by your ham.
Sausages, pork and bacon
Help us to stay in business
Because our pigs are worth it.
Stand by your ham.
Sausages, pork and bacon
Keep givin’ all the help you can
Stand by your ham.

If you support the effort of these enthusiastic pig farmers relying on the English affection for traditional British pork products from pies to sausages, let’s make the song a hit. The song can be downloaded from Pigsareworthit.