vb1aOn February 22, 2008, skin care “BIOTHERM” PR event is a new product in Hong Kong and the brisk image of Vivian Sue character emerged in the summer dress.

Before the lunar New Year, “I have to care for my father poor health due to hepatitis,” said Vivian. She had to cancel all her acting schedule and focus on her father out of filial piety and this event is one her works resumption.

Last year, Vivian’s father was repeatedly hospitalized seven times and also reported in critical condition. At that time, Vivian was busy filming love strategy 「恋愛兵法」 and was not informed of anything at all. She was shocked and crying in a hospital room when first learnt of her father’s condition when she returned to Taiwan.

“Work cancellation would incur considerable financial loss, isn’t it?” questioned by the reporter. “Health is the utmost important and money is not a problem,” She said.