lf1aToday, February 21 is the 15th day in Chinese calendar lunar New Year for the Chinese in the world which is also the last day of Chinese New Year celebration. It is customary for all the family members to have a reunion dinner and savored lantern festival under the full moon.

Why yuan xiao festival (元宵節) or lantern festival? It is the first month 15th day and also the first night in Chinese lunar New Year to see a full moon and is also welcoming the season of spring approaching. All family members including children will hang out all different kinds of lantern to parade or stroll along neighbourhood to appreciate the full moon while eating the full rounded glutinous rice yuan xiao(元宵).

While in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province where the spring lantern featival (迎春灯籠祭) is held. Yuan Xiao festival (元宵節) or also known as Lantern festival where the city was almost covered in red from house gate, red lighting lanterns, town square, baskets and older city of arched gate. Also, animal and historical figures such as papier-mache effigy of lanthanum sport are also in place for the people to watch.

It also featured the Chinese sign of a mouse, Beijing opera and Olympic dori bear cart motif was lighted up in numerous baskets. It was displayed in 3400 meter long exhibition hall, decorated with 3000 lanterns, 80 lamp baskets and of course the theme of the Olympic works.