Gillian Chung presented on a show that held by TVB for the first time after her sex photos scandal but TVB received 526 complaints for her presence, this was the most complaints the station ever received.

Gillian Chung and her singing partner, Charlene Choi presented a song “相爱六年” on the show on Feb. 17, 2008, to raise funds for the snowstorm-stricken victims in China.

It seems like some of Gillian’s fans cannot accept her explanation at a press conference that she said she was “naive and very silly” about the sex photos she were taken, and many accused her of lacking honesty and some acted to boycott her.

However, there are still many Twins’ fans holding supportive banners to support Gillian. Gillian also wins the support from the artists who were presented on that night.

There were rumors about the company EEG Music might gives up Gillian if her fans still cannot forgive her. Let’s wait and see…