Smoking at non-smoking areas is an offence; but if you are smoking a smokeless cigarette in non-smoking areas, is it allows?

This is not a joke; a six-inch white plastic stick called “e-cig” is a new type of cigarette without smoke which can be entirely legal in non-smoking areas.

This is a new device from a Chinese innovator that uses a battery-powered atomizer to create realistic puffs of “smoke,” and the tip of “e-cig” glows red with each suck.


It can afford smoker a strong kick of nicotine from “nico-filter” cartridge. There is no harmful side-effects because it is “smokeless”.

The starter pack is selling at £50, comes with a cigarette, filter and a rechargeable battery. The filter will provide thirty cigarettes’ nicotine. Once the smoker finished the filter, he can get a replacement pack of six filters which cost £10 each.