You do not need to ask your lover how much he loves you, check it using a high-tech mobile phone device that can secretly check the passion in the voice of a lover.

The mobile operator KTF of South Korea provides “Love Detector” service that allows the users to see whether a lover is speaking honestly and with affection, by analyzing the voice patterns.

The user can see a “love meter” bar on the screen of his mobile phone when he pointing it at himself for video conference during a conversation. Later an analysis of the conversation in text message format will be sending to him. The text message consists the amount of affection, surprise, concentration and honesty of the other speaker.

“We created this service because we thought people would want to know what others were feeling about them,” said the spokesman of KTF.
The monthly subscription fee is 1,500 won ($1.59) that allows unlimited access or at 300 won per call.