The 37-year-old Chinese actress Bai Ling was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after a gift shop employee accused her of stealing two Star Source magazines and a pack of batteries that worth $16.

Bai Ling walked into the store at 4.30 pm on Feb. 13, later leaving the gift shop with goods she allegedly didn’t pay for. She was booked on misdemeanor shoplifting charges, and ordered to appear in court on May 5.


Los Angeles Airport Police spokesman Jim Holcomb said, “she was pointed out by somebody in the store has having shoplifted. She went to another gate and they basically confronted her and that was it.”

According to Holcomb, Bai Ling was cooperative and crying when airport police took her to the station. She admitted that she hadn’t paid for the two magazines and the batteries.

She was blogging in the airport and posted her photo while the flight delayed. She didn’t mention about the arrest in her blog.