Panasonic cycle tech and Matsushita network marketing jointly announced today using titanium alloy frame material to develop certified domestic electric hybrid model as the industry’s first bicycle, Titanium Flat Road EB. The price is USD$5500 and fast distance travel of 24km/hr, about 10km in 30 minutes.

The new product is a titanium alloy frame light weight design instead of conventional aluminum structure. The weight is only 15.7kg using 26 inch low rolling resistance tire size and 430 millimeter frame.

The hybrid concept is 8 speed drive electric machine or with a combined strength of one’s leg and integrated with liquid crystal display of mileage. The order comes in three tall frame size to fit as 430/480/530 millimeter, 56 colours, light weight lithium ion of 5 Ah and long range 10Ah for traveling up to 76km and 141km respectively.