A big size man, Ricky Labit felt discriminated when a restaurant overcharged him during his visit for buffet in that restaurant with a relative, and later banned him for buffet.

Ricky Labit weighs 265-pound, is a regular customer of Manchuria Restaurant. During his recent visit with his cousin, they received a $46.40 bill of buffet for two, which is almost double the buffet price.

Ricky Labit and his cousin Michael Borrelli felt discriminated when the waitress told them: “’Y’all fat, and y’all eat too much.”

The spokesperson of the restaurant, Accountant Thomas Campo said that they don’t discriminate, and they were charged an extra $10 each because they made a habit of dining on the more expensive seafood dishes only.

They called police when they were arguing over the bill. The disagreement was settled when the restaurant said the bill was a mistake and the meal was complimentary due to the mistake they made.

Labit said he insisted want to pay the bill but he was told by the restaurant not to come again, indirectly told him that he is not welcome.