Researcher Eisenhaur published a comment about the bug in his blog’s site hiredhacker.com, saying the remedial patch is to provide on 5th of February.

Mozilla United States and its web browser firefox rated bugs risk from low to high. This bug patch remedy will be provided on 5th of February to include firefox security updation.

The CSO (Chief Security Officer) window Snyder said, “more than 600 types add-on to work with some of the cases, firefox vulnerabilities have been exploited, cookies and history session contain information is stolen.”

Mr. Synder’s remarked that this the first firefox bugs reported by researchers, Gary Eisenhower in his own blog site hiredhacker.com. “The risk and vulnerability of whether the clause is not spread out exactly. However, the bugs would become more dangerous if the data is to leak out. There is a demo of sessionstore.js to read and could easily witness windows, tabs, cookies and session information leakages.”

He added further that all users of firefox will not in jeopardy amongst the add-ons of You Tube, Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer to a flat file extension structure rather than a single Java archive (.Jar files).

The most popular add-on is No Script which will defend himself from the vulnerability of the attacks.