Hitachi announced new product 17V (17LM-W1) and 19V (19LM-W1) AV type liquid crystal display and will be released in early April. It includes HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) as well as equips with a video input terminal. The price is expected at USD$515 and USD$560 respectively.

Both products are not equipped with the tuner but do have external connection to a digital video AV receiver. However, the user of a digital tuner can best use the built in top set box tuner by having contract with CATV (Cable TV).

There are PC connectivity with HDMI interface (only for 19V model), component, composite, voice input, D-sub15 mini pin, headphone and audio input. Maximum power output is 2W X 3, 5ms response time and contrast ratio of 1000:1 / 800:1. Vertical viewing angle is 160 degrees / 170 degrees left and right, up and down 160 degrees / 176 degrees left and right. A resolution of 1677 million color display, 300cd/m2 brightness, wide screen aspect ratio of 1440 X 900 pixel resolution (WXGA) and 1280 X 1024 pixel resolution of SXGA(Super Extended Graphics Array). Body dimension is of width 455mm X height 392mm X depth 228mm and width t395mm X height 404mm X depth 243mm respectively.