Kenwood announced 3 microphones by 3 modes recording digital audio recorder named MGR-A7 which is to release in early February. The color is available in black and red. The selling price is expected at around USD $330.

The product is equipped the capability to set up automatic digital audio recording in 3 by 3 mounted microphone and recording mode. The microphone housing is separated from the main base by means of insulation floating structure to reduce unwanted vibration and noise intrusion during operation.

WMA(Window Media Audio) is a recording base format in addition to the CD quality audio recording corresponding to linear PCM(Pulse Code Modulation) of 44.1kHz / 48 kHz, 16 bit high quality recording.

It has internal memory of 2GB with SD (Secure Digital) card slot and also comes with compatible larger capacity of SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity). In addition, it has six line large LCD display, language learning practice, speed control music playback and A-B side repeatable.

The 2GB built in flash memory can record up to 450 songs with USB2.0 interface, headphones terminal and external microphone. It boosts 19 hours of continuous playback time and recording time of 12.5 hours. Body size is 52.7(width) X 18(depth) X 100(height) mm and weighs only 95 grams.