AMD announced a high performance graphic card, a 55nm(nanometer) process GPU graphics card named ‘ ATI Radeon HD 3870 X 2 ‘ combines two ATI Radeon HD 3870s on a single graphics board.

The product is a high performance graphics processing required for CG animation and PC gaming enthusiasts / market. The industry’s first more than 1 TFLOPS graphics card though GPU manufacturing process to 55nm in miniaturization to the transistor is increasing in density. Resulted, its performance improvement has doubled the performance per watt over the previous generation.

In addition to high performance computing, Microsoft responded quickly by developing a game / multimedia processing API “Microsoft DirectX 10.1”. Also, in the present circumstances for PC serial interface transfer “PCI Express 1.1”, but to deal with the second half of 2008 is the next version of Q 1 “PCI Express 2.0” will also support.

Multiple graphics card installed on the motherboard to dramatically increase operational performance features multi-GPU “CrossFireX”, the 2008 Q 1 in support of the plan.

X2 Radeon HD 3870 is priced at between 300 dollars and 500 dollars depending from the pattern design.