The world’s most expensive and longest inverted roller coaster in Chimelong Paradise in Guangdong, China will start operating during the upcoming Chinese New Year Festival on Feb. 7, 2008.

The roller coaster measures 1-km-long was designed by Switzerland-based Bolliger and Mabillard. A safety test of the roller shutter will be carried out on Jan. 28 before it can offers the thrilling fun of falling 80 meters to the fun-seekers.


“The 200 million-yuan (27 million U.S. dollars) roller coaster is one of the world’s most expensive and the first of its kind introduced to China’s mainland. It would offer fun-seekers an experience of a vertical drop of 80 meters, as high as a 30-story building,” said Xiong Xiaojie, assistant to the president of the Chimelong Paradise.


Enjoyed the pictures before you decide whether to ride the roller coaster.