A 38-year-old cruel Indonesian man Ramlee Basa-ruddin was sentenced to five years in prison for burying his day-old baby alive behind the house that he and his girlfriend shared in Johor, Malaysia at 5.35pm on Jan 8, 2008.

He took the newborn baby from his 20-year-old local girlfriend about 12 hours after she gave birth, and buried the baby alive.

Ramlee pleaded guilty to unintentional killing the baby and to a separate offense of being in Malaysia without valid documents. The judge sentenced Ramlee to an additional year in prison and to four strokes for the second offence.

“To bury your own child when it is the duty of a father to protect and nurture his offspring,” the judge said. “Although this court can only hand down a five-year sentence, your crime deserves a punishment befitting its ghastliness and to serve as a lesson to society.”

Both sentences are to run consecutively from Jan. 21, 2008.