The candidate of Bond girl in the movie series James Bond has been the top secret but the 29-year-old Ukranian actress Olga Kurylenko was confirmed to be the official new Bond girl, she will play leading lady who will latch onto British online casinos actor Daniel Craig’s arm in newest spy movie “Bond 22”.


Olga Kurylenko was born on November 14, 1979, in Berdyansk, she was a model before she began her film career in France in 2005.

Olga Kurylenko starred in Hitman in last November alongside Timothy Olyphant.

Previously, there was rumor about the actress Gemma Arterton will be the new Bond girl. Anyway, Gemma Arterton still plays a role in the new James Bond film also but her role is not that important compared to Olga Kurylenko.