This delicious cuisine only takes about 40 minutes to prepare and cook, and a relatively low 862 kcal per person.

Preparation Method for 4 persons to share:
1. Chop lamb and or meat into fine cubes about 300g

2. Chop 2 Onions into dices
3. Shell and peel 2 carrots and mince
4. Cut 4 to 5 pieces of red/green peppers lengthwise in half, seeded and minced.
5. Cut 1 garlic lengthwise in half, skin off, crush and mince
6. Low heat over the pan with thin spread oil, 10gram of butter and to medium heat for onions, carrots, garlic until fragrant.
7. Add in red/green peppers, meat and fry till meat changes color. Saute 1 to 2 table spoons of curry powder as well as season with salt and pepper.
8. High heat to water boil tomatoes 300grams with 400ml of water or canned type about 300gram, 100ml of red wines and light Japanese Kikonman Soya sauce to taste in full boil for 12 to 13 minutes.
9. Add in squid, boiled eggs, pickled, salted fish and simmer at low heat for 10 minutes. You can add in your favorite seasonings to taste. Remember to have 4 to 5 bowls of rice to partake.

Bon Appetite. Enjoy!