Home of Mickey Mouse and friends, Disneyland is the favorite place of children but children under 10 are not welcome to its fanciest restaurant, Victoria & Albert’s; it is also the only restaurant in theme park with an AAA five-diamond rating.

The general manager of Walt Disney World, Israel Perez says: “We want to be the restaurant that’s available for that adult experience.”

Victoria & Albert’s has the highest prices and the most intimate and elegant atmosphere at Disney World. Men without jackets and women without dresses or pantsuits are not allowed to enter the restaurant also. In Victoria & Albert’s, a seven-course dinner costs at least $125 per person.

Disney’s vice president for food, beverage and merchandise operations, Rosemary Rose says: “Combined with the research we’ve done with five-diamond restaurants outside Central Florida and the guest feedback we’ve gotten … we stepped back and said it’s time to take a look at this practice.”

However, beside Victoria & Albert’s, there are 97 other full-service restaurants for families in Disney World.