Sony BMG Music Entertainment of American Music started selling without digital rights management restrictions MP3 format this week on in United States.

Amazon already had contract with EMI and Universal Music Group, and recently announced partnership with Warner Music in December 2007. Sony BMG is the last to join the leg and signed the MP3 sales contract adding to the Amazon existing 33,000 independent labels and DRM-free music offering.

Sony BMG’s global digital business division president Thomas Hesse said, “In connection with consumers, physically, via the internet, or looking for way to provide through mobile means; it is also a new campaign to bring our music to fans wherever it can deliver.”

Amazon’s MP3 download service started in September 2007 from 89cents to 99 cents per song and the album is priced at 5.99 dollars to 9.99 dollars. It is also available in 256kbps MP3 format.

Although Apple ITunes is the leader in online store DRM-free music, but Amazon with other four major partners in the generic label are pressing ahead in the leg. Directly visit and access Amazon MP3 Downloads now.