After the surprise wedding announcement was made by Ada Choi Siu Fun, she and fiancé, Zhang Jin, will be holding upcoming wedding banquets in both Hong Kong and Chungking, China.

Zhang Jin’s father requested them to hold a banquet in Chungking to invite many of their relatives and friends to attend and there is rumor about their wedding banquet in Chungking will cost multi-millions.

Ada Choi, 34, surprised everyone by announcing her wedding plan in a handwritten letter to the press two weeks ago, to marry the 33-year-old mainland actor Zhang Jin in January 2008. It was a surprise announcement because not many people know their relationship since they started their first date four years ago.

When asked Ada about her fiancé, she said: “Zhang Jin is handsome and cool. He is a treasure… I love him because he possesses physical talent and intellect. He is faithful to God, sincere to friends, and dedicated in work.”