An 82-meter-tall giant Christmas tree that is erected in the middle of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where most of Rio’s hotels and popular beaches are located.

The 530-ton Christmas tree that floating on the lake is supported by 11 pontoons that are eight meters long and weigh a combined 18 tons. It involved almost 1,300 people to erect this giant Christmas tree since September 2007.


The lightings of serves as a beacon to celebrate online casinos Christmas and remains “on” from November 29, 2007 to January 6, 2008. A technician from GE Energy Rentals is standby on site to make sure the giant Christmas tree is always “on” during this period.


GE Energy Rentals is providing two megawatts of temporary power service for lighting the tree and various music festivals at the lake.

The theme of this year’s brilliant symphony of lights is “angels and music notes.”