Jennifer Aniston has reportedly been staying at a haunted hotel at Portland while shooting her new film. It was confirmed by the general manager of The Heathman Hotel, Chris Erickson to America’s OK! magazine. Chris Erickson didn’t deny it and said the ghosts are friendly to their guests.

Erickson said: “We don’t charge extra for ghost rooms. But we like to think of our spirits as a little bit friendlier and maybe just a little mischievous.”

A source revealed: “The Heathman Hotel is prone to eerie goings on, including broken glass, moving furniture, ghostly apparitions and loud screams. One guest who left his room clean returned to find towels and glasses had been used and moved.
“According to local legend, room 703 is haunted by the restless spirit of a former guest who reputedly fell to his death from this room.

“Jennifer has been given a $1,200 a night suite two floors above the haunted room. Guests staying in rooms 803 and 1003 have also reported mysterious phenomena.”