Obesity in a pig? A woman is suing her co-worker who overfed her pet pig and caused the swine to become obese. The pig, Alaina Templeton, weighed 22.7 kg when it was left in the care of the co-worker but grew to 68 kg nine months later. Surgery was needed to remove the pig’s collar. Therefore, the pig sitter is being accused of abusing and neglecting the animal.


The owner was obviously proud of the pig; she had the name Alaina tattooed on her body. The prized pig had previously been bottle-fed and kept on a strict diet to keep it pot-bellied and rounded just the way the owner wants. The owner’s action seems rather ludicrous until you imagine the beautiful sexy woman in your life being overfed and turned into a fat ugly pig. What irony! A pet lover sees and treasures beauty in her pig has inadvertently made overfeeding a pig a crime.