sens.jpg If panties make you feel desire, ecstasy and put you in a kinky mood, they make other men feel horror, fear and great insult. The superstitious Myanmar military has an abhorrence of contact with women’s panties because they believe women’s panties – thongs, sexy bikinis, or XL sized grandmother’s underwear – sap their strength.

In a campaign to protest the military crackdown on monks, women hit the testosterone-dominated army one below the belt. In a move that signified great insult, panties of various sizes and shapes were hurled at the Myanmar Embassy in UK, Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. One never knew panties had such power and could speak such great volumes.

More importantly, it signified the beginning of something bigger, just as the bra heralded the Women’s Lib in history. While the 1960’s celebrated Flower Power and the 1980’s People Power, the twenty-first century has its Panty Power.