A woman from Florida was so shocked when she saw her son’s picture on package of diapers when she shopping at a Florida wholesale store. She didn’t aware that her son was the “spokesperson” for the Luvs diapers until she accidentally saw it.

The mom, Aliette Oliva said she paid a $200.00 sitting fee for a four-hour photo shoot of her son, Chase, three years ago. The snapshots were taken and now her son’s picture was found on the largest-size package of diapers without her knowledge.

She had filed a lawsuit against Proctor and Gamble, the parent company of Luvs. Procter and Gamble said in a statement: “We were surprised with this suit as we had been working jointly to investigate this situation with Ms. Oliva’s attorney. However, we’re unable to comment further now due to pending litigation.”

If this happen to me, I will sure happily jumping up and down because the diaper company will surely pay for my son’s modeling and it is an additional income for us.