Paper will deteriorate with time. Thus, important information in the paper will be lost. Moreover, natural disasters or fire can also destroy important documents. Site or architectural drawings, contracts, proposals, invoices and tax records can be bulky and require large physical space for storage. Digital archive is the answer to these problems.

Digitech MSC Sdn Bhd has patented the digital archiving service to safeguard ‘corporate memory’. The service, known as archiveIT, has two versions – Web-enabled (local area network / LAN) and non web enabled. The LAN version enables the computers within the same network to access the digital archive. The other version is open to users outside the corporation who have an account or the right password.

Why archiveIT? It reduces storage space and costs, improve analysis and create a secure and auditable process for all types of business. It also allows multiple users in different places to access the files at the same time.

There is always the danger of hacking or Internet crime when information is stored digitally. Thus, Digitech is working on improving its security features including digital watermarking. It is also working on improving transfer speed for bulky files, time stamping, image compression and the efficiency of searches.