d1.jpg Will the truth be buried forever with Princess Diana? Her fairytale marriage with Prince Charles was on the rocks. She had two children who were growing up fast, Prince Andrew and Prince Harry. She was lonely despite constantly being in the public limelight, yet the pressure of being heir to one of the oldest empires in the world must have weighed heavily on her.

What were her feelings before she died? What were her hopes, plans and fears in the days before she crashed in the accident? Was she bearing another child? Was she murdered by the British royal family? She was an ordinary girl swept into the whirlwind of a romance that turned bitter when reality sank in. She was the mirror of illusion and hopes turned sour.

Diana and Dodi al-Fayed had an affair before they both died in the car crash.
Nevertheless, many people were prepared to forgive Diana her infidelity and betrayal. More questions are raised ten years after her death – it seems like the spirit of Diana will never be laid to rest. Perhaps that is her punishment.

What would have been the fate of the British royalty if Diana had married Dodi or given birth to an illegitimate child with him? Too much was at stake for Mohamed al-Fayed, Dodi’s father’s claims to be dismissed offhand. Would it have triggered a religious war or enhanced the relationship between the British and the Muslim?

The embalmment of Diana’s body, the lack of a pregnancy test and the claim by Mohamed al-Fayed that Diana called him hours before she died to tell him that she was pregnant were telltale signs that Diana’s death was still a mystery. Public interest is high. The inquest’s statement that Diana was on the Pill and its various counter arguments seem to show that someone is hiding something. The ghosts of Diana and Dodi would have to make an appearance to answer these questions.