Is it possible for you to donate $45 million for charity? Maybe you can’t but Shakira did, she donated $40 million to help to repair damage caused by an earthquake in Latin American areas. She also gave $5 million as the fund for children’s education in these countries.

Shakira is the co-founder of the Latin America for Solidarity Foundation, ALAS. She said, “I’ve seen first-hand many of the challenges facing Latin America.” Shakira said 40 million children have no chance to go to school and 51 million people don’t have clean water in Latin America.

“These are challenging problems that no one person can address, but working together everyone can help make a difference,” she added.

Many entertainers prefer to spend their money for luxury lifestyle but Shakira prefers to help the less fortune one with her wealth. Look at Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, they are very rich also but they never contribute to the society.

I am so proud of her because she had shown a good example, perhaps more rich celebrities can follow her footsteps to help the poor and needy.