An U.S. $10 gold coin dated 1804 which was struck in 1834 as a diplomatic gift given on behalf of President Andrew Jackson during trade missions to Asia, was sold by Albanese Rare Coins, Inc. of Albion, New York, to a private collector at record $5 million.

The President of Albanese Rare Coins, David Albanese said, “The buyer and seller want to remain anonymous. Both are northeastern United States entrepreneurs who have been collecting coins since they were young boys.”

Curator of the American Numismatic Association Museum in Colorado Springs, Colo, Douglas Mudd said, “It is one of the rare U.S. coins out there. They are neat pieces in that in one sense they are not really a coin made in 1804, even though it is dated 1804 … it is sort of a created coin.”

This rare gold coin is one of only four remaining 1804 special coin held by private collectors. Two of the coins were sold for $1 million and $2.47 million in 2003 and 2005. The other one is loaned to the Colorado museum for 25 years term.