A sex fair in puritan Africa? The country with one of the highest AIDS statistics in the world is finally awakening to its sexuality? South Africans rush to view and learn about sex toys, pole dancing and pornographic video in the first ever sex fair held in this country. Lacy lingerie, kinky handcuffs, fragrant condoms, and striptease bars, which were not so prominent in the past make their way into the South Africans culture. At the same time, the people are exposed to knowledge about sexual diseases, HIV, prostitutes, and sexual abuse.
In a country where a devastating 12% of its 47 million people are HIV-positive, sex with multiple partners is widespread though discussion of the topic is taboo. Male dominance allows the men to have sex with many women and keep many wives. Promiscuity is a way of life. Poverty and a hard life push many to view sex as a means of escape. Thus, hard-core porn, striptease bars, and sex shops have been sizzling on the sidelines for a long time after apartheid. The sex fair shows that Africa is emerging with a new perspective and attitude towards sexuality.