An Aussie mom is suing her doctor for giving birth to twins instead of a single baby after undergoing in-vitro fertilization. The woman is seeking $329,000 for the cost of bringing up the second child until age 21.

The 40-year-old mother told her doctor that she just wanted one child but during in-vitro fertilization process, the embryologist implanted two embryos in her uterus that caused her gave birth to non-identical twin girls. The in-vitro fertilization process was under supervision of the doctor.

The Australian woman and her female partner were stunned and devastated when they were told she was carrying twins, they even considered to give away one of the baby girls for adoption.

The couple is seeking $329,000 that includes the cost for raising the second girl and her education expenses. They also asking more than $12,000 to compensate them for time off work and medical expenses.