On 19thSept.1982, it was Smiley Emoticon infamous three strokes, a colon followed by a hyphen and a parenthesis to bring out the emotion of the message written. Read it sideway, “:-)” equals to šŸ™‚ the smiley face denotes happiness or humourous or as good as a joke while by reversing the parenthesis, “:-(” equals to šŸ™ would denote unhappiness or a frown.

Back in 1982, computers are only limited to users amongst colleagues, faculties and students where online bulletin board message was often misinterpreted, to send or read electronic messages, files and other of general interest and address to daily news, lost and found items, and more. University professor Scott E. Fahlman then came up a idea to straighten thing right to how the message board could be taken lightly as a joke as for a smiley face emoticon while the opposite would imply displeasure or the seriousness of the issue. Check it out.


Soon, this phenomenon little message was widely spread and used around the world. Now there is even more than the colon-dash-paren, “:-)” equals to šŸ™‚ and “:-(” equals to šŸ™ :-< :-> ;-< ;-> ;-0 and “;-)” equals to šŸ˜‰ and :-0. More smiley faces chatting software are available easily. View here to have them.

Try it now for emoticons can make all the difference in a post!