Look at the latest picture of Angelina Jolie, she has a little bump, what do you think? Is our lovely sexiest actress Angelina Jolie pregnant again?

In fact, Daily Mail was the one who noticed Angelina Jolie’s little bump and suspected she is pregnant with her second biological child. Just recently, Brad Pitt revealed that they are planning for their fifth child but never mentioned whether is adopted one or own child.

Maybe Daily Mail was a bit “sensitive” on her little bump. Anyway, many of us will feel happy for the sexiest couple if Angelina Jolie confirmed her pregnancy.

The Daily Mail reports:

    “I’ve always wanted a big family. And Brad’s the same. We are enjoying the children together. They are such big personalities, and it’s so exciting to watch them grow up,” she said. Use of a Pashmina shawl could be Jolie’s attempt at covering the bump in a bid to keep the news quiet. It wasn’t until the fourth month of her pregnancy with Shiloh that Jolie confirmed the rumours before giving birth in May last year.