Lucas Tse, the famous baby boy before he was born, also the first son of Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung and pop singer-actor Nicolas Tse, celebrated his “full moon” recently.

His Chinese name Tse Jun Hin 謝振軒 and photo that were kept secret were finally revealed. The photo was posted on Apple Daily where Patrick Tse Yin, grandfather of Lucas who wore a white suit and sunglasses carrying the baby boy.

Some were saying the little Lucas’ feature like Cecilia and some said he is exactly look like Nicolas. I have a baby boy too, his face changed when he grows, it is about too early to tell who he looks like. Anyway, both Cecilia and Nicolas are pretty woman and handsome man, Lucas must be a good looking boy.

Surprisingly, Cecilia looks great after slimming down just like she was never pregnant before!