A non-profit X prize foundation and Google are co-sponsoring up to S$30 million with aim to create a space race for new generation by sending a robotic rover to the moon, trekking at least 1,312 feet across the surface of the moon and beam back a gigabyte of near real time data including panoramic pictures and videos back to earth which will be streamed onto Google’s website. Call it Moon 2.0. Check it out.

Contestants are to launch the rover themselves by either starting from scratch or contracting an existing private spacecraft company. The top price is $20 million, while $5 million goes to the 2nd place, and another $5 million bonus goes to teams able to meet the minimum requirements by 31stDec, 2012. If there is no winner after 2012, the price stake will drop to $15 million and expires in 2014.

Visit here to enter the contest.