Nobody knows how good is the Hollywood’s sexiest actress Angelina Jolie in cooking except her companion Brad Pitt and their children can tell. However, the great star admits that she wouldn’t pass muster as a cook.

Angelina admits that can only cook fried and scrambled eggs. However, even Brad Pitt also can’t stand for her fried and scrambled eggs; you can imagine how good is Angelina Jolie in cooking.

The Sun quoted the actress: “I can’t cook. Yet when I say to Brad, ‘I’d like to make eggs’, he says, ‘Don’t bother'”.

A source revealed that Brad Pitt already knew that Angelina Jolie is lack of skills in the kitchen since they started their close relationship. The source said: “He knew Angelina couldn’t cook when they got together.”

Angelina Jolie belongs to Brad Pitt, whether she is good in cooking, who cares?